tart cherry juice

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Awhile back i was inside Kroger, and i wanted to get some Tart Cherry juice for the arthritis, that I was having with my feet, and i didn’t want to try the one with sugar.

i’m looking all over the place for some and couldn’t find any, then it was like the Lord I believe was prompting me to ask him.

So, I  asked the Lord, where could i find some Tart Cherry Juice, and i heard this small voice, say, behind you. I’m thinking  behind you?

I was over by the frozen hamburger, by the bakery, I turned around my shopping cart, began looking I was still not finding it, this time I believe he told me it was by the Organic, I’m thinking I don’t know where that is, then sure enough, next to the raisins, there it was . Praise God, Thank you Jesus, sorry for doubting you.

God Gets the glory, Putting God First!!!!


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