Staying Together When Tragedy Strikes Your Marriage | Focus on the Family

Jay and Katherine Wolf describe how God’s grace has sustained their marriage and family since Katherine suffered a massive, debilitating brainstem stroke in 2008.

Source: Staying Together When Tragedy Strikes Your Marriage | Focus on the Family


God works in mysterious ways

This happened awhile back, there was an employee that had mentioned of trying to find a house to rent and what I believe I can remember she had looked at several, one morning as I began to pray, I believe the Lord had put it on my heart to pray for her, when I got to work, that day, this person began mentioning a series of events, where she had gone to look at this house, and had later spoken to the Land Owner, who had asked if she had any trouble in finding the key box, because three other people had come to look at the house and for some weird reason hadn’t been able to find the key box. She explained that she didn’t find any problem in finding the box,  I told her I had prayed for her earlier that morning. God gets the Glory!!! Putting God First!!!!

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