God’s Blesssing

While asleep I had this dream it was a Casino setting, in the old west, In front of me was this round light brown round card table. Someone laid out  a five dollar bill and two ones in front of me.

Awhile back, I had to buy some tires, for the coming winter and was going to use the money from my vacation that i had cashed in but, God had other plans.

My brother had sent me a 100.00 check for Christmas(in January) that I hadn’t yet deposited it into my  bank account. I had sent Toyota 50.00 on my last payment.

After the dream I received $400.00 in Cash inside of an envelope (As I was walking from my mom’s apartment on this past Sunday, past one of the vehicles in the parking lot, my eyes caught the license plate on a vehicle it read Malachi 1) from the same brother. In the end of my dream, I heard a voice say $ 547.50, I later received my bill in the mail from Toyota, which came to the total of $547.36. Isn’t God Wonderful, he gave me 500.00 to pay off the tires and even told me how much my bill from Toyota was going to be minus the 14 cents. Like a friend told me today when I told her about the situation “He is an Awesome God” God Bless!!!

Remember God always gets the glory!!!!